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Details of how to download W88 app for iOS and Android
Do you find that accessing W88 on your computer is quite cumbersome and inconvenient? Do you love and want to play exciting games at W88 on your phone at any time? Read now the article detailing how to install W88 mobile apps for both iOS and Android operating systems. Extremely simple and fast operation, let’s refer together.

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About W88 application

W88 mobile application is the mobile version of the original W88. Instead of having to access it by computer, you can now comfortably use it on your own mobile phone. The birth of mobile W88 has met the needs of the majority of users today because of its convenience and modernity.

Plus points of the application can be mentioned a lot. First, W88 mobile saves access time, allowing players to use it anywhere, at any time, as long as an internet connection is required. Not only that, this mobile version is also considered to have a beautiful interface, easy to use, modern and highly aesthetic. In addition, functions such as deposit, withdrawal and online chat are also guaranteed in terms of connection time as well as processing speed. It is worth using.

How to download the application

The article will guide you on how to download applications on both the two most popular operating systems today, iOS and Android.

Download on IOS operating system

With iOS, you need to do the 3 main steps below

Step 1: First, you need to visit the homepage of the W88 website with the following non-blocked link:
The right corner of the screen will now show up a blue box icon “Download Club W88”. Click to start downloading.

Step 2: Continue to click the W88 icon in the middle of the screen to confirm the download, the screen will then appear the command “Download” in the bottom corner. Finally, click the Install button to finish.

Step 3: For the application to work well on the machine, you need to go to Settings, select General, select Device Management, then select Shanghai U.E Supply Chain and trust Shanghai U.E Supply

With only 3 steps above, you can enjoy games on W88 mobile apps already.

Download on Android operating system

How to download W88 app on Android operating system is similar to iOS, through the following steps

Step 1: Start with the link access

Next, click on the blue icon in the right corner of the screen to start downloading.

Step 2: Similar to iOS, choose one of the 2 versions of W88, but prefer to choose W88 Lite because this is a newer version by clicking on the blue W88 icon in the middle of the screen. . Continue to select Download in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: After completing the download process, simply select the Open button at the bottom right corner of the screen, go ahead and select Install and confirm again with the Open button. Now the application has been downloaded successfully to your phone.

Above is the article to guide you how to download the W88 Mobile app on both iOS and Android operating systems on your phone. Wishing you success and enjoy the best entertainment quality that W88 brings.

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